Introducing the New Free VPN from Mobirabbit.

When our mission is to solve a problem and develop the online presence of users, making a VPN app is intuitive since it is an important tool to protect the privacy and personal information of users.

newVPNfree is an android app, it is straightforward, one tap to connect, and now your online fingerprint is from another country. Since the app is free, there are only 10 countries to connect from, but they are major ones like the US and Uk, in addition to some countries from West Asia.

Two more tools are integrated into the app; an internet speed test to know your connection speed with and without the VPN turned on, and a phone booster tool to enhance the performance of the phone, cleaning it and killing unused processes holding back its power.

The app is in its early versions and we are aiming to develop it, and enhance its features by adding an IOS version too. It supports Ads as our major source of revenue with an option to upgrade to premium to remove ads and get a few more countries and servers.

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