Mehrab Prayer time and Qibla Finder

Prayer time, qibla Finder, islamic wallpaper, zakat, tasbih, and more in Mehrab

The most accurate prayer time and qibla finder application.

Prayer time and qibla finder and a lot more features in one amazing Android app. 
Mehrab brings together all the Islamic features you are looking for.
It contains many intresting features such as zakat calculator, tasbih, and a lot more.

Prayer time is given according to your location.
Wherever you go, the application automatically detects your location and delivers prayer times accurately.

Mehrab groups together all the Islamic features Muslims need in his daily life.
It is designed with a simple but
beautiful layout.

How It Works?
Once the user download the app, he/she should choose the language.
Then the prayer time will be displayed with the features below.

We created a simple Android app, with beautiful UX design so it is easy to use and all the info needed are 2 tap away. 

The App is available in both Arabic and English.

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