Meet Our

Mohamed Ali Chaine

Chief Executive

Mohamed El Massri


Mahdi Chahine

Marketing Manager



It is not enough to complete a task, it should be perfect and well-designed to satisfy what the customers need, not only what they want.


The accumulated experience we have made our teams the man for the job in any project we work to launch to solve a problem


Every day we hear about a business going out of work, we feel the urge to work harder to support small businesses with their success being our goal, not a profit.


Join our Awesome Team

Do you want to bring the latest in tech and software to the hand of people in need in the business world? Join our team and translate your willingness into code and actions.


Our mission

Turn Ideas into Reality

We are a team from different backgrounds, we have Engineers, Doctors, Programmers, and even Sociologists who are putting their experience in online business to deliver your services to the right customers.
We read the market, observe what people are or might ask for in the future, and craft a solution to fill their needs. Our main target is small businesses.


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